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Random thoughts post-election

November 6, 2008

 Highly ironic or completely clueless:

Does anyone else find it interesting that when McCain walked off the stage after his concession speech it was to the theme song from ‘Crimson Tide’, a movie where a young, inexperienced, black man fights with and eventually beats a grizzled old white war veteran?

Faces in a mirror:

Looking at the faces in the crowds of both speeches last night, I felt like I was looking at the past with McCain, and the future with Obama. 

Location, location, location:

I love how Obama gave his speech at a public park, whereas McCain picked the Biltmore, one of the most elitist hotels imaginable. 

The beginning of history

When the founding fathers sat to contemplate declaring independence, they were unable to come to a consensus on the issue of slavery, and rather than work to eliminate the practice, they decided it was more important to go ahead, declare independence, and figure things out later.  The prevailing wisdom at the time was largely that slavery would naturally die out after a few generations as more states were added and the cost of owning slaves would make the practice economically unfeasible.  This obviously did not happen, and instead America has suffered through a civil war over the issue and a long and painful civil rights movement to rectify the results of the founders’ failure to address the issue prior to the declaration of independence.  Today feels like the first day of the history of the United States as truly envisioned by the founding fathers who desired to create a Utopian society but who were constrained by the realities of politics.

A tribute to the invisible:

In perhaps the longest, most dramatic, and potentially most controversial election to date, one where there was (and continues to be) a greater chance of political terrorism occurring than at any other time in history, there were no credible threats to Obama or his family, no terrorist attacks to try and upstage the election, no evidence that there was ever the thought by the disenfranchised to kill the nation’s first black president.  Or so we all thought.  As far as all of us are concerned, things went off without a hitch, and we likely will never know just what threats were truly out there.  That is due solely to the tireless, exhausting, professional, and most of all, invisible efforts of the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, NSA, Police departments, and countless other law enforcement and goverment agencies who have been, and will continue to be, the silent defenders of America, constantly working to ensure that democracy continues on unabated.  So here’s to all those who made this day possible for the rest of us by making sure that we never became aware of all the ways others tried to prevent this day from happening.  It may not be much (in fact, it’s practically nothing) but I know it’s also more than you expected.