Boogie Fever in the AM

March 10, 2009

080609_zohanAfter getting off the Metro in the morning I can either walk outside or take the tunnels to my building.  If the weather is nasty I tend to take the tunnels, which along with the obvious benefit of dryness and warmth, also carries with it the added promise of hearing music being piped throughout the tunnels.  Today’s music choice was, “Stayin’ alive.”  Awesome.  The best part of hearing ‘Stayin’ alive’ at 7:45 in the morning is watching the other people who are trying really hard not to act excited at hearing disco on their way into work.  I chose to do the opposite and fully embrace the disco, gliding down the hallways, and fully committing myself to that infectious disco beat.  Oh, I get some looks.  The only time I’ve gotten more looks was when the song was ‘Sex Bomb’ by Tom Jones.  That was an awesome way to start the day!  If the whole world had to listen to ‘Sex Bomb’ on their way into work, everyone would be much happier.  I want to meet the person who does the music selection for those tunnels and thank them for doing their part to making this nation a little better, one disco beat at a time.



  1. It’s like a human science experiment with rhythm!

  2. This tunnel-music thing you speak of is the closest thing to having your own theme music! Make mine anything from Journey or Survivor and I’ll go out of my way to walk through this magical tunnel on my way to work.

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