Plastic Bags at the Grocery Store

March 12, 2009

One of my all time pet-peeves has got to be when people place each different type of fruit/vegetable at the grocery store into their own individual plastic bags.  It’s not that  I don’t understand the reason why people do this – ease of weighing and determining cost of each type of fruit/vegetable, it just bugs me because of the extraordinary amount of unnecessary waste it generates, and I don’t even mean in terms of environmental effects, since I don’t believe that my individual actions have any meaningful effect on the environment (see free rider problem, or just listen to George Carlin’s bit about Earth Day).  To me, the excessive use of plastic bags represents the loss of society’s innocence.  Think back to just a couple decades ago – people would put all their fruits and vegetables in one bag and the cashier would ring them up.  No wasted plastic, no time lost trying to open the damn bags, just pick up your fruit/vegetables and put them in your collective bag.  Today, we are so concerned that our food be ‘sanitary’ that we feel that we need to hermetically seal everything we eat.  Never mind that all those fruits/vegetables we are so carefully preserving for the apocalypse have already been exposed to every type of bacteria imaginable, so all you are really doing by placing the items in a plastic bag is ensuring that the food will get trapped in a bacteria infested petri dish!  Free your fruits and vegetables, let them breathe, regain your lost innocence, join in the quest to rid America of our dependency on little plastic bags!  I know it’s asking a lot, but fight that near irrepressible urge you have to try and protect yourself against nature – I know it’s tough, but your fruits/vegetables (and maybe even your soul) will thank you in the end.


One comment

  1. So do you have the same peeve when it comes to meat? I mean, that really is sanitary to not get chicken goo all over the rest of the groceries.

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