Strange Door Holding Experience

March 26, 2009

As I was walking through the tunnels today a woman in front of me stopped to hold open one of the doors, but the way she was holding the door made me think she was waiting for someone, since unlike most people when they hold open doors, she stopped in the middle of the doorframe and looked past me, so I assumed that she she was waiting for someone else and until that person caught up, she would do her best to keep anyone else from entering the door. I probably stood there for about 10 seconds, waiting to see what she would do, when she finally said, in a rather persnickety manner, “Well, are you going to take the door?” Mind you that while she was saying this, she was still looking over my shoulder and past me, as if she were talking to someone behind me. I turned around to see who she was talking to and when I saw no one there, I realized she was talking to me. I quickly extended my hand to indicate that a successful door-holding-handoff had occurred and then, after having made sure once again that there was no one behind me, continued through the door on my way to work. All I want to know is, what the &*%*% was that!?!?


One comment

  1. Could it be that she was a blind woman and, probably used to people slamming doors in her face decided to be sure she wouldn’t do the same to others? She could have sensed you in her area and reacted as she did. Way to go, Mr. Diversity.

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