April 1, 2009

The woman who cuts my hair is named Judy and she is of Asian descent.  She is like most barbers – she starts with an electric razor, moves on to the straight scissors, and ends with the trimmers.  However, what separates her from the rest of the barbers of the world is when she shampoos your hair.  Most barbers simply wet your hair, lather it up, rinse, repeat if necessary, and that’s it.  Simple, efficient, classic.  Judy adds a special touch – she performs some sort of scalp massage that goes far beyond your run of the mill massage.  Judy’s massages are very deliberate, intense, and seem to be specific to whatever mood you are in at the time.  I say this because I have been going to Judy for several months now, and each time the massage differs in its intensity and focus.   Sometimes she focuses on the temples, other times the neck, and call me crazy, but the way she moves her fingers indicates that she is actually sensing and attempting to correct some sort of imbalance within my brain (good luck!).  I would like to think that her technique is the result of a thousand year old secret, passed down from barber to barber, and that she is sensing evil spirits within my brain and using the ancient techniques to force them out.  Perhaps this is being overly romantic, but if placebos can work for pills, why not for massages?  If I believe that Judy’s fingers are activating secret pressure points and forcing out the evils that reside within us all, then who’s to say she isn’t?  Either way, I’m willing to spend $18 (plus tip!) for twenty five minutes of serentity every three weeks.


One comment

  1. Word of mouth, brother, word of mouth… where is this magical place? Throw Judy some business.

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