Bad tie day

April 14, 2009
Fuck you, tie boy.

Oh, so that's what I'm doing wrong!

Have you ever noticed that the quality of your tie seems to set the tone for the entire day?  There are some days where I get up, shower, start to get dressed, and all seems to be going well until I go to put on my tie.  Now, like all pompous people I always tie a double windsor.  No real reason other than it makes me better than those suckers who cheap out on a half windsor.  Don’t even get me started on a four in hand.  Anyways, there I am, completing the final step of donning my tie when I realize that it is way too short.  No big deal, I’ll simply try again.  Nope, way too long.  This time I’ll just split the difference…four attempts later and I knew I was screwed. 

Sure enough, today had all the makings of a 6-tie-attempt day.  Bad tie days – they’re like bad hair days, except you can’t cover them up with a hat.


One comment

  1. No hat indeed! What if you had a really snazzy tie clip, would that help? Or would that draw even more attention to the aforementioned tie issue?

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