Great Birthday!

May 21, 2009

Yesterday was my birthday, so happy birthday to me!  For being a ‘nothing’ birthday (who really cares about 28 anyways?) it was a fantastic birthday!  It all started in the morning on my way to work.  (technically, it started last Saturday when our neighbors and good friends came over for dinner and brought a homemade lemon cake, which was absolutely delicious.  The cake barely survived the night and didn’t make it past Sunday.  They also got me gifts:  Two DVD’s and a 64 box of crayons with the sharpener in the back, thereby filling a hole in my soul that has been left vacant since the 3rd grade.  Don’t ask, just accept.  Anyways, back to my actual birthday…)  Everyday I walk past a bakery that has these incredibly sinful and decadent muffins sitting in the window, and everyday I tell myself to hold out until my birthday.  Well, yesterday was the day, and it was completely worth the wait!  The muffin was fantastic!  In fact, it wasn’t even really a muffin – it was some sort of light, flaky thing that looked like a muffin and it had creme and sugar all over it.  I think it might have been the love child of a muffin and a croissant.  Either way, it was an awesome way to start my birthday.  After work I went home to find a big, homemade, chocolate cake that my wife had made waiting for me.  That was awesome.  Then I looked to the left of the cake and saw a huge mound of presents!  I got filters for my camera, a new tripod, a flash, books on the next two presidents I have to read, the complete series of Moonlight (which, sadly, is only 16 episodes), and…I think that’s it…but I’m probably forgetting something.  After presents my wife and I then went to see ‘StarTrek,’ which was absolutely incredible!  You have to see this movie!  I’ll write about this more later, but for now just take my word for it and go see it!  You won’t regret it!  After the movie we then went and had sushi for dinner, which in hindsight may not have been the best idea – note to self:  Never eat sushi right before going to bed.  Strange dreams…strange dreams…all I remember is it involved Captain Kirk, the driver of the shuttle bus, and a giant squid covered in wasabi.  So, aside from the strange dreams, an absolutely incredible birthday.  Thanks to everyone who made it so!



  1. You’re welcome! (You also got a remote for the camera, by the way.) Second on the no-sushi-before-bedtime rule; my dreams were also Star Trek based, though at least they did not include a squid covered in wasabi!

  2. Take my word for it, camera remotes only lead to naughty behavior.

    Wait… if there are any mothers reading this I’m only kidding. (awkward laugh)

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