Fajita night

June 3, 2009

Next time you come into our house we'll have three of these things!

The other night my wife and I made fajitas.  Normally, we rely on the packages of ‘fajita spices’ to provide the flavor but the other night I decided to see what would happen if I did not use the packet and instead used fresh ingredients.  I searched through my fridge and spice rack to see what might work and came up with the following:  Two limes, salt, pepper, tobasco, cilantro, and garlic powder.  I then looked at the back of the spice packet to see if I had missed anything.  It turns out that the only spices listed in the packet were salt, pepper, and garlic!  Aside from that, there was a lot of ‘high fructose corn syrup’ and other such ingredients.  With that smug feeling of vindication that comes from knowing you’ve outfoxed the spice people I began to mix the requisitie ingredients in with the turkey, peppers, onions, and other goodies we had sizzling.  It turned out fantastic!   The biggest difference between using fresh spices versus the packet was the weight.  The entire meal tasted lighter than when we use the packaged stuff.  I don’t know why, probably has something to do with all the preservatives and artificial ingredients that come in the package, but after we were done eating we both remarked how less bloated we felt.  What a revelation!  From now on I’m going to make a concerted effort to only using fresh ingredients and try and avoid as many ‘pre packaged foods’ as possible.  Fortunately, we have an ‘Aerogarden’ that provides us with as many fresh herbs as we can use!  Well, three at least, but that will do for now!  Man, I can’t wait to have a house with a garden…

One comment

  1. To be fair, I suggested the cilantro. However, you definatley took the lead in creating a delicious freshy-food! (This doesn’t mean we have to give up Lipton side dishes, though, does it? I mean, man, I love those things!)

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