Metro Shuttle

September 14, 2009

The other day the driver of the shuttle that runs from my condo to the metro announced that his boss had informed him that people were complaining he was being too courteous to the riders by waiting for them at the shuttle stops.  As one can imagine, these ‘complaints’ were most likely the results of a handful of typical condo people with nothing better to do, and who feel that there time is so important that they can’t afford to spare 30 seconds to help make someone elses day just a little bit better.  Apparently, sanity prevailed, because enough normal people called in that day to the shuttle guy’s company to tell them that the shuttle guy is great and to leave him alone.  Hazah for normal people!  That said, I think the shuttle guy needs to learn to control his new found ‘bulletproofness.’  Today he picked everyone up at the last stop, started to drive away, and then, at the very last minute he caught out of the corner of his eye someone who was two blocks away, rounding a corner.  Not only did the driver stop, but he actually backed up, then waited for about one minute while the guy ran two blocks to catch the shuttle.  The guy even looked surprised, as if he was planning on catching the next one and then realized the driver was waiting for him so he had to run to catch up.  I applaud being courteous to others and waiting for someone who might be running a little late, but backing up the shuttle for guy who planned on catching the next shuttle in the first place?  Seems excessive. 

Don’t worry though, everything worked out because the driver ran the red light to make up time.


One comment

  1. Must have been a different driver than the one that pulled away as I was 2 feet from the door after running across the street to catch it….

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