Halloween costumes

October 19, 2009

 Costumes are tough.  There’s a lot of pressure to pull off a good costume – especially for the ladies.  Sexy is good, but take it too far and you end up looking like an actual hooker.  It’s kind of like guys who dress up for Renaissance Fairs – you know that if they could they would wear those costumes all year round, which is bad enough when it’s chain mail or a wool cloak, but it’s worse when it’s a leather mini skirt and fish net stockings.  Remember ladies, a little goes a long way!  The guys also have it tough – you need to make sure you pick an outfit that says, ‘I can relax and have a good sense of humor,’ but not one that says, ‘I wish I could wear this cape all year round.’  Come to think of it, why do we call them costumes when they usually end up revealing more about who we wish we were rather than hiding our secret alter egos?


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