3M hooks and Halloween

November 2, 2009

Almost as good as fire, which also came from the gods

I’m going to say this as loudly and clearly as I possibly can:  3M HOOKS ARE THE GREATEST INVENTION OF THE LAST 1000 YEARS!!!  Forget sliced bread, forget the dice-o-matic, forget pennicilin, 3M hooks are the single most important thing you can in your house for the holidays.  For Halloween I wanted to string lots of fake cobwebs, but the problem is that you have to have something to hook them onto.  While I could have busted out the nail gun, that really would have just created more problems than it would have solved.  I then read online that some people use velcro dots, which seemed OK except they are difficult to remove.  Then I remembered the 3M hook.  A small, clear plastic hook that attaches to the wall with a tape that, if done properly, can be removed without any residue at all!   Honestly, you would never know they were there!  It’s incredible!  (although they are elastic and have an unfortunate tendency to snap and hit your thumbnail, which isn’t too bad but after 20 of them hitting the exact same spot, it starts to hurt!)  If you have any need in the future to hang anything and you don’t want to scuff up your walls, use 3M hooks.  They are proof of two things:  1.  That god loves us, and 2. god loves to decorate for the holidays.

Oh yeah, Halloween rocked!


One comment

  1. Our holiday decorations are never going to be the same after this…. 🙂

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