Lights Alert!!

December 2, 2009

View of our condo from the street.

I always knew that one day I would turn into Clark Griswald in terms of Christmas lights.  I just figured it wouldn’t happen until I lived in a house rather than a condo.  Turns out I was wrong.  Last night we set up the Christmas lights in our place and I think I may have gone a teensy bit overboard.  Let me put it to you in terms of numbers.  Our entire condo is 1100 square feet, 600 of which make up the kitchen / dining room / living room area, which is the area that we decorated.  In that 600 square feet are 5 36′ strings of garland, each containing 100 lights apiece, along with the Christmas tree which contains about 100 lights.  That’s right.  We have one light per square foot!  Just call me Clark…



  1. I thought it felt warmer on the south side of the building!

  2. […] and just about finished decorating our condo for the holidays (see his blog about the result here: ducksaway.wordpress.com).  But first we needed to run a couple of […]

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