Odd things / lessons learned today

December 11, 2009

1.  I saw a woman wearing a full hijab driving an 18 wheel tractor trailer.  Odd.

2.  I saw a girl on the metro platform with icicles hanging from her hair.  Odd.

3.  Never walk outside when it’s below freezing.  Even if you are following a cute girl.  Just kidding, honey.  Lesson learned.

4.  Putting your sweater vest in the dryer before putting it on is a good thing.  Lesson learned.

5.  Having the metro gates close while you’re walking through and crushing your thighs.  Odd / lesson learned.



  1. 5. Disclosing on the internet that you wear sweater vests is generally to be avoided.

  2. 6. Zing!

  3. But now that you’ve told us, what type of Christmasy design does your sweater vest have Max?

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