Movie List

December 17, 2009

I’m in a list making mood today so here is my list of favorite movies:

Best overall (m0vies I can watch a million times and never get bored):

1.  Casablanca – simpy put, the greatest movie ever.

2.  Sneakers – predicted the rise of the internet and the whole idea of cyber security before anyone had ever heard of a modem

3.  Hunt for Red October – the movie responsible for me joining the Navy.  Thanks, Sean.

4.  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – The only movie that has ever made the study of religion look cool.

5.  Finding Neverland – I cry every time.  That’s right, I cry.  Deal with it.


1.  Airplane – the funniest thing the Zuckers have ever produced

2.  Top Secret – the second funniest thing the Zuckers have ever produced

3.  Naked Gun – If for no other reason than the line, “Nordberg (played by OJ Simpson) wouldn’t hurt a fly!”

4.  Christmas Vacation – In part because it’s the holiday season, but also because the jokes are timeless

5.  You don’t mess with the Zohan – I think you have to have lived in Israel to fully appreciate the hyperbole, but trust me, it’s true.

Sci fi (movies that inspire me to push the limits of what I believe to be possible)

1.  Stargate – religion, aliens, and the air force getting it’s ass kicked.  What more do you need?

2.  Aliens – Because the effects remain completely believable.

3.  Iron Man – makes me proud to be a defense contractor.  Sort of.

4.  Wall-E – there’s more going on here than I’ll ever know.   

5.  X-men 2 – If for no other reason than Cyclops is nowhere to be found.



  1. Another reason to like Zohan – your cousin’s wife is in it!

  2. The only thing I remember from Sneakers is “Cooty Rat Semen.”

    And I think James Earl Jones was in it.

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