Sherlock Holmes

January 4, 2010

Chris and I went to see ‘Sherlock Holmes’ this weekend and I’ve got to say, it was pretty good.  People who didn’t like it say there was too much action and not enough plot, but honestly, after going home and watching a bunch of the old Jeremy Brett movies, they were just as weak on plot as the new one!  The old Holmes movies all feature the same elements as the new one:  Bickering between Watson and Holmes, fight scenes, an emphasis on the occult, and silly stunts that play up the more child-like elements of Holmes.  The new movie simply takes all these elements and appropriately amps them up for modern movie audiences.  (Some might say this is a fault of modern movie goers.  I would argue that the same was probably said about the watchers of the old movies as well)  The plot is just as silly, the explanations just as ridiculous, the action scenes just as intense (relatively), and the interaction between the two characters just as petty.  From what I can tell, people who argue that the new movie is a far cry from the old ones have failed to realize that the old movies were just as silly as the new one – it’s just more obvious when you see that silliness filmed using modern techniques.  It seems to me that the new movie mimics the old ones perfectly – a fun and entertaining action / detective story that requires a fairly healthy suspension of disbelief.  As with all old movies that are remade, you have to account for the time period in which the original movie was made and adjust all the elements appropriately when comparing the old with the new. 

Oh yeah, I also find it funny that Robert Downey Jr. basically played the exact same character as he did in Iron Man.  Identical.


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