The universe has been righted!

January 20, 2010

Just when I started to think that the world had gone all topsy turvy on me and the democrats were actually about to accomplish something, the universe stepped in and reminded us that while there are few constants in life, ‘democrats can’t do shit,’ is one of them.  How on earth do you lose the senate seat that was occupied by one of the most liberal politicians from one of the most liberal political families in one of the most liberal states in America when the signature issue for which that politician spent his whole life championing is the primary issue of the election!?!  I’ll tell you how – you run a Democrat.  The best part of all this is that it reveals just how little respect people have for the Democratic Party.  Everyone in the world is saying that with the loss of the senate seat and the supermajority Obama’s health care plan is dead and that all his initiatives will need to be scaled back, even though the Democrats still maintain a majority in both the Senate and House.  In other words, the only way the Democrats can accomplish anything is if they are allowed to operate without any opposition.  The Democrats had a full year to push through a health care package with no opposition other than from within their own party, and even then they failed!  Democrats are simply incapable of doing anything when there is any hint of resistance, regardless of whether it is internal or external.   Now that they have to deal with a newly strengthened Republican party, the odds of the Democrats getting a health care bill passed are even smaller.  The Simpon’s had it dead on when they showed the Springfield Democratic Party that met in ‘Trader Earths’ and was made up of the flamboyant gay guy, Mr. Smithers, Bumblebee Man, Comic Book Guy, and Marge.  Compare this to the Springfield Republican Party, which includes Fat Tony, two fat white guys, Count Dracula, the Texas oil guy, Mr. Burns, Rainier Wolfcastle, Dr. Hibert, and Reverend Lovejoy’s wife.



  1. It was a rough year: I almost lost my right to die from a preventable disease. Thanks Republicans!

  2. Seriously though, maybe the Democrats should take a page out of the Republican book and pass their bills without actually caring what the people think. (cough*Iraq*cough*Patriot Act*cough*Florida election results*cough)The “problem” with the Dems is that they took precious time trying to get a consensus among its constituents. I’m being sarcastic, but alienating HALF the country is no way to lead (didn’t we learn ANYTHING from the Bush fiasco?) I’m glad the Dems didn’t rush the healthcare bill. Important decisions need to be talked about and discussed, not mandated and imposed.

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