Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Snow

February 5, 2010

I’ve seen this city panic when it comes to snow, but this was something totally different.  Normally, you have people running around trying to prepare for the snow and everywhere you go it feels like the city is one fender bender or broken set of eggs away from complete and total chaos.  Today there was nothing.  Everywhere you went there was an eerie silence.  I’ve never been in a post-apocalyptic zombie filled world but I imagine it would feel something like the metro this morning.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more sparsely populated metro station in my entire life!  There was no one riding in my metro car other than one other girl! (who, thankfully, was cute so I wouldn’t have minded fighting off zombies with her) Maybe the city is just in shock over how many ‘historic snowstorms’ we’ve had this year that people just aren’t responding as they normally would.  Either way, I would have felt better had I had a shotgun with me.


One comment

  1. That’ll do, pig.

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