Lax in my duties…

February 26, 2010

I know, I know…it’s been a long time since my last post.  It’s just been a tough week, that’s all!  I promise it wasn’t anything personal!  Here’s a quick recap of the highlights that have set the tone for this week:

1.  I ran into a blind guy on the metro.  I turned the corner to go out the metro door and ran smack into his cane.  I pulled up just in time and shouted, “Whoa!”  He froze, I froze, I apologized and promptly got out of his way and told him he was clear.  I’m just glad the doors didn’t close on him. 

2.  The metro train in front of us broke down, meaning we had to push the train with our train to Reagan National Airport so they could offload, then we had to offload, then we had to wait for the eight trains that had piled up behind us to pull forward so we could continue on our merry way.  By the time I got to Crystal City the platform was so full that they had shut down the escalators so people could stand on them while waiting.  No joke, the line to get onto the platform went out past the turnstiles.

3.  The shuttle I ride in the morning to the Metro always stops short of the sidewalk where the shuttle stop is located, meaning everyone needs to walk across the grass to get on the shuttle.  Not a big deal except with all the snow melting the grass is really muddy and I don’t really feel like walking through mud on my way to work.  When I asked the driver why he didn’t pull up to the sidewalk he said the crossing guard told him he couldn’t block the crosswalk, which, amazingly enough, also lines up with the sidewalk.  Why the shuttle driver didn’t tell the crossing guard to go screw is beyond me.  I suppose the fact that the shuttle driver referred to the crossing guard as ‘officer’ tells me all I need to know. 

4.  Work.  Let’s not even go there.

As you can see, my  mornings haven’t been the best so I hope you’ll accept my most sincere apologies for not being in a literary mood these past few days.  Here’s to hoping that next week is more fecund in terms of writing.  (that was for Jason)


One comment

  1. I’ve seen that crossing guard…he does look like a real cop! I don’t see why he couldn’t stop on a cross walk for loading, though. I’m sure the school buses would.

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