Typical Jewish Guilt Trip

March 15, 2010

As part of my ongoing research into the pros and cons of children, here’s a great article on why not having children equates you to Hitler (you have to read between the lines, but trust me, it’s there):  http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/161005/jewish/Should-We-Have-Children.htm

Here are the gems:

For your future children: Although we only meet them when they are born, our children’s souls are waiting in a celestial transit area for their time to come down to earth. There are souls that are destined to be parented by you and your wife, eagerly awaiting their chance to be born. I can almost hear them egging you on, hoping that your decision will turn in their favor.

Can’t you just hear your grandmother saying that last line and using the same tone as when she tried to get you to eat that last matzah ball?  “You know, there are starving people all over the world who would kill for that food.”  Furthermore, if they’re  ‘destined to be parented by [me]” then what’s the problem?  Is God’s omnipotence really rivaled by a thin piece of plastic or a once-a-day pill?

Our parents may not have been perfect, but whoever they were, they bothered to bring us into this world

Great.  So just because two horny teenagers got drunk and hooked up in some back alley means I should do the same?  (Note:  I’m referring to the universal collective parents, not my specific parents, whose story is far more interesting)

The drive to procreate is the most powerful instinct because it is the most G-dlike

Damn.  I wish someone had told me this Freshman year!  I could have scored big at all those Post Shabbat keggers!

And the research continues…


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  1. I find this post and the one on baby books to be deeply ominous.

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