home project disaster

April 5, 2010

I like doing home projects and while I’m not about to get my own show on HGTV I do feel that I can make a decent showing at just about any project and make it work.  The end product may not be perfect and the road to completion is always bumpier than expected, but the project always gets completed.  Until yesterday.  The project was fairly straightforward:  Take the existing mirror from the bathroom, cut it down to size, and build a frame over the newly sized mirror.  Now imagine the worst possible outcome and multiply that by 100.   The mirror shattered into a million pieces and my buddy ended up face down in a pile of broken glass.   (But by the grace of god he emerged without a scratch)  It’s not often that my projects end in complete disaster but this was one for the record books.  Fortunately, Home Depot was right around the corner, and if I could have been anyone else yesterday it would have been the cashier who at 12:00 saw me come in to buy a glass cutter, and at 2:00 returned to buy two new mirrors.



  1. I keep running worst case scenarios through my head and scaring the crap out of myself. I’m UNBREAKABLE!

    • I couldn’t sleep last night because I was doing the same thing!

  2. At least your skin is unbreakable – maybe you’re an American version of Colossus?

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