Hottest shuttle stop by far!

April 8, 2010

Today it’s official:  My shuttle stop definitely has the hottest ladies!  It was touch and go for a while there between my stop and the one after but today with the key trade of the tall, skinny, black-haired Trinity look-alike for the old, slouchy, brunette, there is now no doubt which shuttle stop is the hottest.  My all-star roster includes the young blonde with the $300 haircut and matching jacket, the Trinity look-alike, the sophisticated red head, and the hot blond Air Force LtCol (if you can make those uniforms look good, you know you’ve got something going on!).  Of course, the only thing that could make my roster complete is if my wife rode the shuttle with me…awwww…..:)


One comment

  1. Awww, flatterer 🙂 How did you know I was planning to comment about my own hotness missing from your shuttle ride until I read your final line?

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