Happy Birthday to me!

May 20, 2010

Today’s my birthday! Yippee!  That’s means it’s one of two days of the year I allow myself to buy the most decadent breakfast pastry ever devised.  Frequent readers of this blog will immediately realize I’m writing about the exact same thing I wrote about one year ago when I raved about the breakfast pastries they sell at the bakery near my office.  They’re so good that I only allow myself to buy them on two occasions:  My birthday, and the anniversary of when I started this job.  One’s in celebration, the other, well, that depends on the budget. 

Unfortunately, I had an early morning meeting today that threatened to ruin my plans, but, not to be deterred, I got to work a half hour early to ensure I would have time to enjoy my breakfast pastry and coffee.  And guess what…it was just as good as I remember!  Ahh…birthdays… 🙂


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