May 21, 2010

I’ve always disliked the Washington Examiner for its overly sensational and misleading headlines that get conservatives riled up and angry, but I think today’s headline made up for years of questionable reporting:

“DC Teens wanter bigger, better condoms”

The Express also had a pretty good article about the same thing, the best part of which is watching other people read a full page spread (hehehe…spread) about condoms while trying to look professional.  Here are some of the better quotes:

“High School students have complained that the free condoms the city offers are not of good enough quality and are too small, and that getting them from school nurses ‘was just like asking grandma or Auntie.’ ”

“D.C. officials have now decided to stock up on Trojan brand condoms and the supersized Trojan ‘Magnum’ product, and have begun to authorized teachers or counselors, preferably males, to distribute condoms to students if they complete a 30-minute, online training course called ‘Wrap MC’ – for ‘Master of Condoms.’ ”

“We thought making condoms available was a good thing, but we never asked the kids what they wanted.”

“The gold package certainly has a little bit of the bling quality.”

Is it just me, or does this policy seem to be a form of government support for the stereotype that black men have huge penises?  I mean, these are high school kids and they’re complaining that the free, normal sized condoms are too small?  You’ll notice how Bethesda doesn’t seem to have this problem…



  1. I think it’s definately a “big penis” thing, so the kids can brag to their buddies that they need the Magnum even if they don’t. I can just see it now:
    Kid: “Dang how’d my girl get knocked up? I used a condom!”
    Teacher: “Um, you do realize they’re supposed to be tight and not falling off your man bits like your jeans are falling off your ass, right?”

  2. What are condoms?

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