Stupid hat acronyms

June 11, 2010

The guy who sells crap on the street near my office had a hat that said “CIA” and under the acronym it said “Christ In Action.”  I wonder what other fun Christian themed acronyms we can come up with for federal agencies:

FBI:  Faith Based Insurgencies

DIA:  Divinely Initiated Apocalypse

NSA:  No Satanic Assistance

EPA:  Enabled Pontiffs in Action

ICE:  Initiating Christian Efforts

DIJ:  Don’t inflame Jesus

IRS:  Inhibiting and Reallocating Satan

ATF:  Angels Transcendentalism and Faith or Angels Transcendentalism and Firearms or Angels Tobacco and Firearms or…let’s not kid ourselves, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is pretty Christian sounding to begin with.


One comment

  1. ATF – Angelic Terrorist Fighers.

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