I’m gonna go restore some honor, be back in a minute…

August 30, 2010

This one says it all... (Credit due to the Washington Post)

Whenever people come into town for rallies they tend to stay at the hotels near my office, which gives me a great view of them as they walk by.  It’s lead to a little game called, ‘spot the nut.’  It’s not very hard, even from the 4th floor.  Here’s my cheat sheet of how to tell a rally nut from a normal nut:

1.  Tube socks, sparkling white and up to the knees

2.  Jean shorts, tight and well above the knees

3.  Pastel colored t-shirts

4.  An excessive amount of Americana emblazoned on their clothing.  Ex. the woman whose shirt was a full montage  of the Rocky Mountains, an American flag and a giant bald eagle, with a matching purse and shorts to top it all off.  Think the intro to the ‘Colbert Report’ but without the satire.

5.  Khaki shorts, off-color and heavily pleated and still well above the knees

6.  White sneakers.  Freshly polished.

And the kicker…

7.  A complete and utter inability to operate the metro fare card system coupled with an inability to discern the subtle meaning behind the metro announcement, ‘you’ll notice that most people stand on the right side of the escalator.’  Hey, Ralliers!  Get to the right where you belong!



  1. “Walk” on the LEFT, “Stand still (or go backwards)” on the RIGHT. Zing.

  2. So the way to move forward on the right is to not use your own power, but continue on the path and speed already dictated for you by others?

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