October 5, 2010

This video was working its way around the office because people thought it was real, rather than a clip from a video game. 


Here are some of the quotes from the email chain:

“Don’t do this at home!! I vote for stronger flight decks.”

“W O W !!!!”

“You guys need to look at this. I wonder if the pilot turned in his wings”

and the one that started it all:

“You will watch this more than once.


A supremely well-trained US Navy pilot, ice running in his veins instead of blood, fully regains control of his $70 million, F-35, joint strike force fighter, after a problematic vertical take-off attempt. Watch

as the rear vertical thruster fires to cause the problem.


There’s nothing about this the pilot enjoys. If he could have ejected at 100′ upside down and lived, he would have. Looks like the afterburner kicks in while still vectored for vertical takeoff. Lockheed would call this a “software malfunction” and do a little more “regressive testing”.

Good demonstration of power-to-weight ratio of this aircraft! And talk about stability control … If he didn’t come out of the loop wings-level, probably would have been bad news; maybe taking some of the carrier with him!

Add to this flying through your own exhaust – can lead to equipment malfunctions, too! … As in “flame out”.

The F-35 is single engine with vertical take off/landing capability but at zero airspeed it has the aerodynamics of a Steinway piano. This is the most unbelievable (bloody lucky) piece of flying you/he will ever see/do in your/his life.”

And yes, these are people making decisions as to what equipment the military should buy.  They all have military experience and in many cases engineering backgrounds.  They understand military systems and how they work.  Or at least I thought so until yesterday.



  1. I would advise against showing them footage from Plants Vs. Zombies.

  2. Maybe the movies have lead me wrong, but aren’t there people on the deck when planes are taking off? Like, directing the other plans and giving “go” signs?

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