Zombie flicks

November 8, 2010

Two things that have always bugged me about zombie movies:

1. The military always gets its ass kicked.

Every zombie flick seems to have the requisite shot of some overrun military checkpoint, complete with a downed helicopter and the charred remains of a tank. Did I miss something, or are these zombies actually quite adept at urban combat? It just seems that in the event of a zombie invasion the word would get out pretty quick and it wouldn’t take too long for the military/national guard/crazy militia guys to organize and take control of the city. I mean, really, how hard could it be? You fall back, set up a few checkpoints and decon chambers, and then go block by block. It’s not like you’re fighting an enemy that is capable of organizing and adapting to your tactics! All you have to do (apparently) is throw a dead horse out of a helicopter and wait for the zombies to come to you! It really doesn’t seem that hard.

2. Protective clothing.

How come the people in zombie movies don’t wear more protective clothing? It’s like in ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ the guy knows that if he’s bitten he’ll turn into a zombie, so what does he wear when fighting the rampaging hordes? A t-shirt. For god’s sake, they were trapped in a mall! They don’t have a Wilson’s Leather they could have raided? Just sayin’.


One comment

  1. You have a lot of faith in our military. If we can’t take control of Iraq and Afghanistan, we sure as hell ain’t gonna be able to handle zombies! At least the movies show that our military tried doing something, because I doubt they’d be able to mobilize a single Jeep in the event of an undead uprising.

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