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Oversized Coffee Cups

June 25, 2009

I just got back from a roadtrip out to the Southwest, an area I absolutely love and desire to live in someday, and as a memento I brought back a coffee mug from Roswell, a town that by all I could tell was doing its best to try and move on from that unfortunate incident that allegedly happened so many years ago but that can’t because that incident is the single best thing to ever happen to the town’s economy.  Anyway, this morning I put the cup under my single cup coffee maker at work, put in the same amount of coffee/water I would for my normal corporate mug and hit start.  I turned to my computer and perused the internet while waiting for my coffee to brew when after a few minutes I heard what sounded like a babbling brook coming from the other side of my cubicle.  Since my battery operated zen water garden is dead I knew it couldn’t be that, so I turned around to find coffee overflowing the mug and spilling all over my desk.  Not good.  Now I am stuck in the unenviable position of having to choose between my corporate mug which is perfectly sized for the amount of coffee I drink, or my Southwest mug, which doesn’t hold as much coffee but makes me smile and feel good about myself.  If this isn’t a perfect parallel for the two competing desires in my life, I don’t know what is.  On one hand I have my corporate life, one that provides me with a healthy salary that allows me to live a very comfortable life, albeit a fairly unsatisifying one, and on the other hand is my desire to pack up everything I own, move to the Southwest and start a life out there, one that would be far less profitable but infinitely more rewarding.  Sadly, as I’m sure will happen, I will return to the corporate mug which promises both security and a healthy portion of coffee but that ultimately leaves me feeling empty and desiring more, thereby creating a vicious cycle of material gains being used to supplement true happiness.  Or I could just reduce the amount of water I put in the coffee pot.