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Redskins MNF preview

October 26, 2009


OK, this marks my first and what will likely be my last football related post.  The reason for this is simple:  While I may be a Redskins fan, I know extremely little about football and have no real ability to support any of my football assertions with stats, history, or any other form of supporting evidence.  That said, what I am good at is predicting future outcomes based on historical and emerging trends.  With that thought in mind, here’s my call for Monday night:  Redskins will lose, but it won’t be the complete disaster people are probably expecting.  My read of the DC fan base is that people are expecting some sort of a Sarah Palin/Katie Couric level disaster, which while possible is not likley because, let’s be honest, the Redskins can’t possibly get any more embarassing.  After their atrocious offensive performance these last 5 weeks, the Redskins are about as low as a NFL team can possibly get.  Assuming that tonight’s game will be a disaster implies it will be different than the way the past five games have been, and since those games have been terrible, there is almost no way that the Redskins can do anything that would actually make them look worse.  Instead of getting a Palin/Couric interview, we are going to get a Palin/Biden VP debate where the Redskins try and do the right things, make a decent attempt at faking it, but in the end they perform at their usual level, the only difference being that people are now used to that level, so it doesn’t seem as bad.  I honestly don’t think the Redskins can become any more clown-like than they already are, which means that people’s expectations are suitably tempered so that tonight they will at least look like an NFL team, albeit a terrible one.  In some ways, the Redskins may actually  make out OK tonight.  The bar has been set so incredibly low that they almost can’t help but surpass the expectations everyone has set.  Short of Cambell hitting another referee in the head the Redskins will likely look better than people are expecting, which while refreshing, will do nothing to help the team’s record.