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Army Navy Country Club determined to mimic CaddyShack

July 13, 2010

Just when I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to write about, I stumbled upon this little beauty on the Washington Post website: 

It seems some members of the Army Navy Country Club have got their camis in a bunch over a proposed public bike path that would infringe upon the outskirts of the otherwise private land in exchange for their new clubhouse being allowed to violate local zoning laws by being 20 feet taller than is currently allowed.  Personally, I couldn’t give two craps about a bike path or the Army Navy Country Club, but there were these two quotes from the article that really made me laugh: 

Last week, the normally staid country club was roiled by controversy when 14 of its members sued the club’s leaders, saying that they cut an inappropriate deal with the county for the bike path — or “hell’s canyon,” as one called it — without a vote from its members, which they say violates the club’s bylaws. 

“They risked their lives in Iraq and can’t even get a vote at their own country club,” one supporter said. 

Benjamin Chew, an attorney for the “disgruntled generals,” said that his clients think the entire club, which includes 2,400 local members, should be allowed to decide the matter. 

“All our clients want is due process and a vote. That’s as American as it gets,” Chew said. 

It’s amazing how quickly the, ‘I served in Iraq,’ argument gets trotted out for something as trivial as a bike path.  Especially given how minor the proposed change actually is and what they’re getting in return!  Take a look at the map from the article and the google satellite shot; the path barely touches the property! 

A nice little path through the woods on the outskirts of the property in exchange for the clubhouse being allowed to violate zoning laws? Not on my watch!

Do you really want to downplay the importance and meaning of actually having served in the military by tying it to the development of your country club?  It’s kinda like a variation on Godwin’s Law (The longer an argument lasts, the more likely someone will make a reference to Nazis):  The longer an argument lasts, the more likely someone will invoke a reference to having served in Iraq.  

Here’s another good quote: 

Once the word gets out to the younger generation there is a secluded place to come and visit and have some fun, you can bet they’re going to be there,” retired Navy Capt. Louis Kriser said at a recent public hearing. “Gangs. Rivals. Hazards to pedestrians coming in and out. . . . I can see The Washington Post: ‘Golf Ball From Army Navy Country Club Fifth Hole Hits Baby.’  

Gangs?  Rivals?  Hooligans?  What is this?  Caddyshack?  If so, which General is Bill Murray?  I’ll bet it’s McChrystal! 

From left to right: General Mattis, General McChrystal, General Petraeus, Admiral Mullen