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Top ten responses to Washingtonian cover

April 22, 2009


Here are my top ten ‘off-the-cuff’ remarks I would make if I was walking on the beach and ran into the above pictured scene:

10.  Did Congress have to approve that package?

9.  I take it the White House has a good gym?

8.  How many copies of the budget can you bench?

7.  At least something in this economy is getting stimulated!

6.  I didn’t realize number crunching worked your abs!

5.  When you shook hands with Hugo Chavez, was it like Rocky meeting Drago?

4.  I haven’t seen guns like that since the war of 1812!

3.  Too bad we can’t use those things for waterboarding!

2.  I take it Easter Egg rolls are great for your core?

1.  When do we get to see the picture of Michelle?


And the top runner up:

Does the Secret Service even bother with the bullet proof vest?